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Food Safety and Sustainability ‒ An Exploratory Approach at the Level of the Romanian Wine Production Companies

Author:Gheorghe Epuran, Gabriel Brătucu, Oana Bărbulescu, Nicoleta Andreea Neacşu and Anca Madar

JEL:L15, L66, M31, Q01, Q13, Q18.


Keywords:sustainable development, food safety, European legislation, wine quality, wine industry, marketing strategies, education, Machine to Machine, Internet of Things.

This article aims at identifying and analyzing opinions referring to the necessity, opportunity and efficiency of the implementation of the strategies and sustainable development practices in the wine industry as food safety is considered a component of sustainability. The main objective of the paper is to create a clear picture of the existing willingness of companies to adopt marketing strategies that should contribute to increasing food security by increasing the quality of wine and which should be based on the principles of sustainability. In this sense, the authors conducted some qualitative marketing research in which 15 managers from wine producing companies from Romania's wine-growing areas were interviewed. The research highlights the relationship between responsible consumption, food safety and sustainability, and the authors believe that such an association is relevant to the economic and social context of the European Union and other parts of the world. The novelty of this research refers to the analysis of the relationship between the responsible wine consumption and sustainability, to the identification of the opinions of the wine companies managers regarding the benefits and the limits of M2M and IoT technologies, to the emphasis of the marketing strategies and techniques considered innovative in the field of viticulture, as well as to the association of the concept of food safety by wine consumption to the aspects related to education and culture.
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