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Facultatea de Business si Turism

Accumulations and development in commercial logistics

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Ion Schileru

JEL:A23, D11, D21, F18, M14, M21, O24


Keywords:logistics, commercial logistics, merchandise logistics, inverse logistics, economic education

The work presents a connotative periplus and an evaluation of one of the most dynamic business fields- logistics. Although used for a long time in the military department, logistics has affirmed itself relatively recent in business field, where it brought revolutionary contributions and where it has a privileged statut There are presented particular significations of logistics from some of the application fields: production, distribution, merchandise study. In addition, the whole vision of the work is presented taking in consideration the merchandise matter, situation explained by the writer’s affiliation to the specialized academic environment (teaching staff of The Science of Commodities and Quality Management Chair, of the Academy of Economic Studies, from Bucharest.) In the conceptual evolution of the term “logistics”, there are emphasized the concepts and the keys of the definition, that express the whole context- technical, economic, organizational and social- where the term has distinguished itself: science and art statute, programming/planning as an approach method, organization of flow activities (material, financial, informational), affirmation of the “logistical chain” concept and passing from distribution logistics to the Supply Chain Management-SCM, and further, to the actual concept. The matter of inverse logistics is presented as a descendent of the actual extensions and of the socio- economic and normative imperatives of the period that we are crossing through. There are presented considerations regarding the importance of logistics in business field and there are given information about the tradition of preparing students in The Higher Education System, in Romania.
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