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The ERP capabilities for enhancing the logistic system integration

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Traian Surcel, Prof. univ. dr. Razvan Bologa

JEL:M15, L86


Keywords:logistic system, IT&C, ERP, SCM, CRM, SAP system

The increase of companies’ competitiveness as a consequence of globalization and the expansion of the business relations in the web environment requires an approach, in a new dimension, on logistic systems based on a model of arborescent integration of logistic processes, on parallelism of the flows and optimization. Four axes of the integration process had been identified in the research, axes which allow the achievement of these systems interface function between demand side and supply side – the two sides of the economic activity. The IT&C support of logistics integration appears to be the ERP systems – Enterprise Resource Planning, which currently have evolved towards the integration with the components of SCM –Supply Chain Management, CRM - Customer Relationship Management. The paper makes a brief analysis of the structure and the functionality of the ERP systems and of the relations SCM – ERP and CRM – ERP, emphasizing the possibilities to improve the performance of logistics systems. This is realized by implementing software modules available as part of ERP solutions which dominate the IT market, namely the SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamic Nav systems. The conclusions emphasize the main advantages but also those disadvantages that must be considered and carefully analyzed to assure a successful ERP implementation.
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