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The Evolution of the Agroalimentary Market in the Context of the Globalization

Author:Conf. univ. dr. Mirela Stoian



Keywords:Globalization; Agroalimentary market; Distribution; Alimentary additives; Alimentary security; Alimentary safety; Sustainable consumption.

The statistics of the Food and Agriculture World Organization (FAO) estimates an explosion in the urban population increase, in the near future, almost twice between 1995-2020. The increase will mainly be 98%, in the developing countries. From this point of view there will be a real challange for the agroalimentary systems that are to produce and bring on the market more and more food at such quality standards that it must satisfy all walks of life. The agriculture development, the distribution system improvement, the new technologies, the bio-technologies etc., represent opportunities for increasing the food reserves for e ever greater population. But in the same time, some technologies put some specific problems; therefore it must be an attentive control on them in order to ensure the consumers’ protection. Are the present-day consumers able to state firmly what their food contains? Do the food producers inform us honestly about the ingredients used for the goods delivered on the market? Here are only two questions that make both the consumers and the specialists anxious.
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