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Distribution- the synergetic process in establishing the value

Author:Conf. univ. dr. Monica Aureliana Petcu, Conf. univ. dr. Iulia David Sobolevschi

JEL:D46, L11, M31


Keywords:synergy, immaterialism, dissensions, integration

The distribution, defined as a combination of utilities and functions which assures the successive transfer of goods and services and the right of property over these, from the producer to the consumer, includes the goods flow, the transactional, informational, currency, and risk, has a complex character and an active part in the economic process. Paradigmatically, the center of the distribution strategy is at the producer, as a major component of the mix of marketing, aiming at: the distribution channels, the economic circuit and the logistics, the selection of the partners and the relations among them. The aim of the distribution strategy is the consumer and the most appropriate connection that he has with the distribution channels; its importance is being given by its fundamental destination in the system. The strategies in the distribution domain have to come to the whole chain of partakers in the systemic view of integration, and to reconcile the conflicting concerns which could otherwise lead to the collapse of the entire channel. Despite conflicting concerns certain distribution channels must not affect the immaterialism of the system which foresees its option over its elements .However, during the process, holonic systems appear, with their independent components, components and the integration through the general purpose of fulfilling a certain necessity of the consumers, in specified conditions, imposes sustained efforts. The analysis of the value, focused on the basic function of each partaker can allow finding the most efficient ways at the sub-functions level and the synergetic spreading of the effects in order to create the competitive advantage of the distribution channel, in its general view.
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