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Quality assurance systems in higher education

Author:Ion Gh. Roşca, Viorel Petrescu, Roxana Sârbu, Nora Tomoşoiu, Anca Gabriela Ilie, Raluca Crina Bucur




The paper tackles, in evolution, the main actions initiated at a European level which have represented landmarks in promoting some systems of assurance of educational quality in the general context of development of some strategies of quality. Connected to the tendencies existing at a European level, the paper presents the legislative- normative framework of ensuring the quality of educational services in Romania as well as other elements which have directed and substantiated the elaboration of the Regulations of Assuring the Quality of the Services of Education and Scientific Research in the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest.The system of education, in general, and the system of higher education, especially, hold a central place in the development of mankind and of the modern contemporary society, owing to their intellectual and cultural key-responsibilities and to their moral impact upon all of society. The preoccupation of assuring quality in education, by promoting some high quality curricula and some highly efficient strategies of instruction under conditions of complete transparency, were also due to the issuing of some diplomas proving the graduation from various university levels which the knowledge acquired didn’t justify, a fact whose implications are deeper and deeper and ever more complex.
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