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Facultatea de Business si Turism

Actualities in logistics and transport

Author:Conf. univ. dr. Simona Dordea, Conf. univ. dr. Liliana Nicodim

JEL:F23, L91, M31


Keywords:logistics services, ICT - Information and Communication Technologies, 3PL - third-party logistics providers

The increasing flow of commodities represents a fundamental component of the actual changes within the economic systems at global, regional and local frameworks. It must be pointed that these changes have not a quantity substance only, but at the same time, a structural and an operational one. The structural changes refer in the essence to the production systems and the operational ones to the transport systems and, compulsory, to the distribution. So, being given this situation, the essential problem is not the origin and the destination of the freight flow, but the way of displacement. New distribution systems appear simultaneously with the production systems, a fact bringing in front the logistics field and freight forwarding.
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