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Integrating the Principles of Green Marketing by Using Big Data. Good Practices

Author:Mihai Andronie, Daniel Adrian Gârdan, Ionel Dumitru, Iuliana Petronela Gârdan, Irina Elena Andronie and Cristian Uță

JEL:I21,Q00, M00, Q01, Q56


Keywords:green marketing; big data; sustainability; optimizing the marketing processes.

Implementing the principles of green marketing started since the 70’s, once the social and societal marketing concepts were defined. The challenges brought around by globalization and the excessive pollution of the environment, that contemporary companies had to face, requested the implementation of new business models and rethinking the strategic approach of their activities. They have generated the rationale and sustainable use of resources, the reduction of waste generated by production processes, the consumers’ education towards developing a mentality that is favouring responsible consumption, the preservation and respect of the environment and adopting some specific measures intended to contribute to the preservation of nature by all stakeholders in the value chains. Good practices regarding the implementation of green marketing strategies provide a series of principles, action guidelines useful to any organisation willing to answer the challenges of the current century. In this respect, it is imperative to develop a marketing mix adapted to the requests of bioeconomy. In this context, the current paper proposes to present bioeconomy tendencies and good practices in the context of large data volumes that organisations have to manage more and more often.
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