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A Review of Product Innovation Management Literature in the Context of Organization Sustainable Development

Author:Dorin Maier, Mihaela Maftei, Andreea Maier and Gabriela Elena Bițan

JEL:O32, O33


Keywords:product innovation, sustainable development, sustainable innovation, measuring innovation

This paper addresses the field of product innovation in the context of current sustainability requirements in order to identify the relationship between sustainable development and product innovation. The demand for products continues to increase but in the same time, the environmental factors are more and more present in the organization policies, in these conditions, the sustainability aspects related to the product developments are becoming a competitive advantages. The structure of the research carried out in this paper is oriented in the first part on the identification of the most used keywords in the specialized literature in the field, and in the second part is focused on a systematic analysis of the literature. The main research questions addressed in this article are: What is the correlation between product innovation and sustainable development? What are the main difficulties in implementing product innovation and ensuring sustainable development? What solutions can be developed to overcome these difficulties? In the first part of the research we performed a keyword analysis using VOSviewer software to identify the most used keywords in the domain. Following the analysis of the specialized literature, we identified some key issues related to product innovation management and sustainable development. The research results indicate a correlation between the success of the product innovation and the sustainable development of an organization. As a solution for better product innovation management, we have proposed a set of indicators that can help organizations measure product innovation performance.
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