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Policies concerning SQAM services development in Romania

Author:Vasile Dinu




The main instruments that ensure the free movement of goods on the big European market are: the European directives, harmonized standards, accreditation, conformity certification by a third part (of the management system, of products and services), testing and metrology. The rendition or setting up of these instruments do not signify that the economic agents are immediately capable to use them in an optimal way. It is necessary to build a national infrastructure, alligned with the European and international practices, that can carry out SQAM services for the economic agents so that they can put into practice these instruments, vital for efficiency and competitivity. The SQAM services refer to standardization, quality insurance and conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology. The paper refers to the competitive potential of the SQAM services, connected to the European and international practices, and also to the promotion of a national policy for the development of these services, with specific objectives and actions in the field of standardization, assessment and certification of conformity, accreditation and metrology.
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