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A LSCM approach to the Romanian pharmaceuticals market

Author:Lect. dr. Mihaela Cornelia Prejmerean, Asist. drd. Simona Vasilache

JEL:M31, O14, O33


Keywords:logistics and supply chain management, pharmaceutical market, Romania

The paper presents the particularities of the logistics and supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry and discusses the factors which influence drugs diffusion speed on the Romanian market. On the one hand, customer satisfaction, as an outcome of successful customer relationship management, is correlated with the efficiency of the logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) and, on the other hand, the profits of the pharmaceutical companies depend on the diffusion speed, which enables them to obtain a better market share, over a predetermined interval. We examine the connection between these two sides of the process, aiming at establishing a relation between the qualitative side, of satisfaction, and the quantitative side, of sales. The conclusions of the study may serve as a guide for the pharmaceutical companies and the distributors, in appreciating the diffusion speed for a new product they launch on the market, or for an existing product, and in identifying the improvements in the logistics and supply chain processes which may lead to a better diffusion. The particularities of the Romanian pharmaceutical market, which are presented in this article, allow for a continuation of the research, in the form of large scale data gathering, and expanding the conclusions at a more general level.
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