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particularities of logistics related to e-commerce

Author:Asist. univ. drd. Irina (Albastroiu) Maruntelu

JEL:L81, L86, O33


Keywords:electronic commerce, logistics system, delivery, transport, inventory

The gains related the productiveness and efficiency generated by the ecommerce on the economy ensemble are so promising so that practically any attempt to ignore this new channel of business life development would be against productiveness. The companies must accelerate the incorporation of the new informational technologies in business strategies, and in their logistics activities, because, at present, this seems to be the most efficient solution for the rendering more valuable the advantages of the present globalization wave. The structural and functional organization of logistics related to electronic commerce has to comply with the requirements imposed by the particularities of this modern form of commerce and adapt to a specific model of electronic commerce and to the characteristics of products and services transacted through Internet This article presents the function and specific characteristics of the logistics system related to electronic commerce. Thus this article aims to present the essential differences between the logistics activities required by the electronic commerce and traditional form of commerce based on the characteristics and trends of e-commerce and the impact of innovations supported by the electronic commerce upon transactional processes. The article emphasizes the difference between specific models of electronic commerce in terms of the ratio product value/transportation expenses and the complexity of inventory.
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