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Reliability and Flexibility in the Quality Management of Tourism Products

Author:Pavel Stanciu, Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc

JEL:L83, L84


Keywords:tourism services quality, touristic product, touristic reliability, safe tourism, tourism satisfaction

During its consolidation as an economic science, tourism has formed its own emergent market, characterized by factors with specific action and heterogeneous elements. On this slightly atypical market the quality of tourism products and services tends to become an element of competitive differentiation. Constantly practicing high standard quality services allows obtaining certain notoriety both for the tourism services providers and for the promoted destination. Continuous monitoring and improvement of tourism products quality must base on the correspondence relation between the satisfaction, perception and tourists’ expectancies. Nowadays tourist wants to be offered multiple choices, to discover the tourism offer suitable to satisfy the most diverse preferences. He is not willing to make any concession regarding the quality of the tourist products he is being offered. His discontents are linked, mainly, to poor performance of the staff training activity, to lack of equipment and facilities compared to the ones present in other states of the European Union and to the infrastructure’s precarious state. In order to emphasize the way of perceiving the tourism products quality among tourists who had visited Bukovina, during December the 20th 2008 and January the 20th 2009, we developed a socio-statistic research on a sample of 151 tourists accommodated in the lodge units within Suceava county. The study results emphasized that because of the global economic crisis, the tourism products quality is more frequently perceived as a differentiation element between tourism agencies, and Romanian tourists stress more then ever this detail. This way, touristic product Bukovina, suggests in an accurate manner the overall image of Romanian tourist reported to services quality level of in the national tourism area.
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