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Amfiteatru Economic
Faculty of Business and Tourism



Amfiteatru Economic will become a leading journal in the field of economics and business administration, with an increasingly better position in the ranking of the main scientific publications, through international visibility, scientific prestige and significant impact in the academic and professional environment.



The mission of the journal Amfiteatru Economic is to promote original scientific research, able to contribute to the progress of knowledge, towards higher economic competitiveness and responsible business administration, for a sustainable development.

The journal encourages first-rate scientific research, able to add to the broadening of the knowledge horizon in economics and advocates the promotion of values like: the original intellectual creation, the quality and the scientific level of the papers, the promotion of empirical research, the focus on the applied character and the involvement of young researchers in the preparation of valuable and effective research papers. More, the journal is a medium of dissemination for pioneering empirical and theoretical research, case studies, recalling of personalities who left an essential mark on economics, as well as book reviews of prestigious authors from the field of economics.

As a special attribute, compared to similar publications, Amfiteatru Economic prescribes a specific topic for each issue of the journal. By doing this, we bring priorities of scientific research to the fore, cluster the contributions of the researchers and focus the debate on these priorities.



The journal Amfiteatru Economic is a prestigious forum for interdisciplinary debates in the field of economics, at theoretical and practical level, approaching research topics of national, regional and international relevance and pursuing objectives like:

  • highlighting inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary research, at the boundary between economics and other research areas, like ecology, sociology, energy, health and security;
  • promoting the identity of the Romanian economic research at regional and international level;
  • creating an effective communication channel between representatives of the academia and of the business environment;
  • improving the current knowledge in the field of economics and business administration, as well as supporting innovative ideas meant to add to the progress of science and public policies in this area.

The journal provides researchers the opportunity of an equidistant scientific dialogue, promoting the circulation of ideas and the exchange of experiences.

Amfiteatru Economic is not involved in advertising activities, nor in direct marketing.

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